Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Arming Teachers: Suicidal

The President/NRA proposal to arm school teachers is like taking a knife to a gunfight. The proposal is equivalent to a suicide situation for teachers who are foolish enough to go along with this scheme. First a shooter will probably use body armor which is very effective against handgun fire. The shooter will also probably use an AR-15 assault rifle with about twice the firing rate of a handgun. The shooter will be using magazines of 30 rounds or more, compared to the handgun’s 8-10 round magazine. The shooter will have been killing people and will not hesitate to shoot a teacher. The school teacher will probably hesitate because he/she has never killed or even shot at a person before. The hesitation time will probably be increased if the shooter is a young person. This hesitation will be deadly to the school teacher.

Robert Andrews


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