Bringing Civil War History and Nature Together in Arlington

A walk in the woods.

Fort C.F. Smith Park, one of Arlington County’s more well-hidden parks at 2411 24th Street, has half a mile of walking trails, 19 acres of green space, and is a significant historic site. Fort C.F. Smith was part of a series of forts built during the Civil War called the Arlington Line, which was constructed in order to defend the capital of Washington, D.C. following the secession of Virginia from the Union.

The park also features a visitor center that highlights Arlington’s role during the Civil War, and the 156 year-old earthwork ruins are the best-preserved ruins of the 22 forts located in Arlington. Events such as the walking tour held this past Saturday, Aug. 3, are held on the first weekend of every month, and most are led by park historian John McNair.

Other events include skirmish drills and a workshop where visitors can learn why forts were built in Arlington and how to design one. More information is available at 703-228-4775 or at

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