Thunderbolts Defeat Vienna Woods

In its third meet of the NVSL Division IV season, the Donaldson Run (DR) Thunderbolts were victorious on the road against Vienna Woods. The final score was 253-167. In his third straight meet, DR swimmer Charlie Greenwood broke another DR team record by beating his own former record with a time of 38.78 in the boys’ 9-10 50 breaststroke.

Double individual race winners for Donaldson Run were: Ryan Clark (girls’ 8 & under 25 free and 25 back): Thomas Rodman (boys’ 9-10 50 free and 50 back); Rachel Conley (girls’ 9-10 50 back and 25 fly); Sean Conley (boys’ 15-18 50 free and 50 fly); Evie Maloney (girls’ 8 & under 25 breast and 25 fly); Charlie Greenwood (boys’ 9-10 50 breast (DR team record) and 25 fly); Grace Jansen (girls’ 11-12 50 breast and 50 fly); and Jack Tsuchitani (boys’ 11-12 50 breast and 50 fly).

The team’s single winners were (in order of age and event): Charlie Taylor (boys’ 9-10 50 free); Emily Brooks (girls’ 15-18 50 free); Hank Holley (boys’ 11-12 50 back); Andrew Rehr (boys’ 15-18 50 back); Hayden Hill (boys’ 8 & Under 25 breast); Eliza Gromada (girls’ 9-10 50 breast); Ella Rigoli (girls’ 13-14 50 fly); Harrison Rehr (boys’ 15-18 50 fly); Julia Fayer (girls’ 15-18 fly).

Winning DR relay teams included: Josephine Brooke, Ellie Wertzler, Evie Maloney, Ryan Clark (girls’ 8 & under 100 free relay); Bran Kaplan, Charlie Greenwood, Michael Corso, Thomas Rodman (boys’ 9-10 medley relay); Rachel Conley, Diya Redburn, Coco Rigoli, Eliza Gromada (girls’ 9-10 medley relay); Jack Tsuchitani, Braylon Meade, Charlie Taylor, Hayden Stolzenberg (boys’ 11-12 medley relay); TJ Hutchison, Drew Harker, Henry Rehr, Sean Conley (boys’ 13-14 medley relay); Emily Brooks, Grace Motta, Emma Hutchison, Sarah Conley (girls’ 15-18 medley relay); Jack Tsuchitani, Charlie Greenwood, Sean Conley, Andrew Meighan (boys’ mixed age relay); and Grace Jansen, Rachel Conley, Ella Rigoli, Emily Brooks (girls’ mixed age relay).